Ukraine not alone anyway. When we have had the War in 2020 in Arsakh... Azerbaidjan with the the support of Turkey, additionally Syrian, Pakistanis mercenaries started the war, even BBC and Russian news were silent...Russia as always in the role of "pigeon of peace"...well what we have now..hard memories everyday...5000 Armenian soldiers died under Turkish/Azeri bayraktars and more than

10 000 young boys without hands and feet...I hope the Ukrainian tragedy will stop earlier..we were in the same scenario 44 days... you know what?...this world is fucked and sincerely ..what I think..we all deserve to be completely erased as a human specie from the world... because we are not humans...we are kind of animal..the worst animal of the world. ..

Owner of I love reading. Besides translations into Armenian, if a free moment, I am not thinking of dating, I am again thinking of reading

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