I loved your story. I dreamed to have a girl since I am child..I think to have a child in your life it is not even your choice..many people have children without dreaming about them as well..having a child may influence a femininity, but never may be an obstacle to any woman femininity… I remember at the University, almost all my professors were child free women, but they were so kind, so feminine and full of love..and I have met women with even 3 childs but enormously jealous and any affection on their face. .

Your choice is your path.. I think at the moment that people dye..they for sure regret for One BIG thing..and these are not having a child or NOT..this is mostly that they have always tried to do what was accepted to do, what others expected them to do and not what they really wanted to do.. my Grandmom has 10 children but the big regret that she has had through her life..that she was not allowed to read books in her young age and being educated as it was allowed only to boys… so she always told us..”Be yourself”.. “Live Your Life”

Owner of translations.am. I love reading. Besides translations into Armenian, if a free moment, I am not thinking of dating, I am again thinking of reading

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